Next Gig: In the works, as we polish up some new songs.

Most Recent Gig: Friday, June 10, 2016, Connolly's Klub 45

July 2015: Rave Review for SLM

Check out this review of Thrum before our July 2015 gig. It's a corker.

A few pull quotes: "Even in an era when obscurity has become a badge of honor, New York band Shanghai Love Motel are almost apocryphal. They donít play a lot of gigs, so when they do, itís a pretty major event.... What distinguishes them more than their catchy hooks and biting guitars is their savage, literate lyrics: bands who can be this loud seldom have words as good as the music.... A cult classic."

October 2012: SLM has reinvented itself. Welcome the newest Shanghaier, David (Burn) Smith on keyboards.

December 2011: SLM Makes NYMD Top 100 List!

The prestigious indie-connoisseur site New York Music Daily listed "The Universal Skeptical Anthem" from SLM's Thrum among its Top 100 Songs of 2011, calling it "[a] typical savage, corrosive anthem from the hyper-literate New York rockers." The full list is here (scroll down or search for "Shanghai," "Skeptical," etc.). We're in heady company here; the list includes Marc Ribot, Laurie Anderson, Either/Orchestra, Reid Paley, the Christian McBride Big Band, and other critical favorites.

Thrum, SLM's Debut Album, is Released

Available on ITunes, CD Baby, DigStation, and Amazon

New Website Launches

And you are there.